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VR Design and Development

Oculus Quest & Go

Unity3d | OVR | VRTK

I design and develop VR applications for Oculus Quest and Go (Rift for extra cost) using the best ergonomic HCID practices.

The interactions I will do are:

  • Locomotion / Teleportation

  • Grabbing / Throwing Interactions

  • Snapping Object Interactions

  • Moving Interactables

  • UI Elements

  • Audio

Hourly rate starting at 60€, ask for an estimate!

AI and Machine Learning for Emotion Recognition


I offer a service to analyse video recordings for emotional expressions via AI and machine learning. I’ll then annotate and crunch the output data into statistics and deliver you a report. 


My service can be used to better detect and automate customers’ and test users’ emotional reactions to marketing messages and products. The result is more accurate, AI-powered analytics that can be used for better customer acquisition and user experience, leading to more profits.

The emotions I track for are:

  • calm

  • anger

  • happiness

  • surprise

  • disgust

  • fear

  • sadness


Behavioural Economics - Power and Leadership - Workplace Norms - Human-Computer Interaction - Social Media Marketing - Multisensory Design

I studied psychology and how to apply it to the real world for 10 000 hours so that I could give you the important insights in 2 hours.

Is having 12 product options better than 6? Why does my team break the rules I set? Should I serve a hot beverage or a cold one for a business negotiation? What kind of content does my customer base like? Does social media engagement translate to sales? Why won't my customers keep using my app?

These and many more are questions businesses and individuals ask themselves. Psychological science has the answers.

I offer 2-hour workshops OR private consulting on topics:

  • Power and Workplace Norms

  • Behavioural Economics in User Experience

  • Social Media Strategy and Follower Analytics

  • Sensory Stimuli to Evoke Emotions

UX Research, Design, and Development

I use cutting-edge Human Computer Interaction practices to deliver user research, human-centred design, and full development of web-based applications.

I use Wordpress, Wix, and Bubble for Web, Java and Python for Machine Learning and other applications.

Web App Demo - Ameliate

UX Design

from €50

Need a quick wireframe for your app or website idea? Click here!

UX Research


from €250

User insights and honest feedback from a focus group.

Website Building


from €350

Do you need a website that is fine-tuned with user-centred design? Click forward.

App Development


from €1250

Do you have a brilliant app idea? I'll build a complete app ready for Google Play Store and App Store.

Other Services

Marketing Strategy

Worried about how to build your social media strategy? Let me worry about it.

Content creation

I'll write, photograph, film, compose, edit, and produce near anything. I'm a full-stack content creator.

Business development

Need a business model canvas? Innovation analysis? Financial forecast? Go-to-market strategy? Send me a message.

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