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I produce music under Jonathan Northtribe, Nyktofobia, TINDER LAY, and more recently, Aleksi & Ray. My tool of the trade is Logic Pro X and my style varies from joyful Electro to a darker sound of House. I've also produced the music for my video projects. I perform as a DJ when the occasion presents itself.

Jonathan Northtribe a.k.a. Nyktofobia
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I've been actively photographing for a decade. I shoot architecture, events, and portraits. Here's a quick overview of my work, for a more detailed overview, please visit my flickr page or my instagram.


 I'm currently accepting gigs in France.

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Filming and editing has been a passion of mine since I got my first video camera in 2004. I've made videos for clients as a freelancer and for employees as special projects. My signature method is to produce the music and editing the clips to match the tempo. I can deliver videos from scripting all the way to the post-processed product or focus on just the filming, editing, or audio design. I believe creating videos is a holistic process, combining visual and auditory elements.

Here are a couple of my video projects: