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Design Portfolio

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About me as a Designer

I'm a triple master in Human-Computer Interaction Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Psychology. I completed my upper secondary education at the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts and graphic design has been a prominent part of my life ever since. I kept the practice alive out of passion and since discovering the field of UX through psychology, I've put my skills to work.

VR Goggles

Extended Reality


My education in Human-Computer Interaction Design (MSc.) allowed me to indulge in the most cutting edge knowledge and technology for mixed reality. After that, I co-founded a company to develop psychological VR apps. The projects I've been involved in range from VR to AR, with a keen component for human-centred design. I develop VR apps for Oculus and AR for Android using Unity3D.

Interface Designer in the Office

Classic UI/UX

Desktop, Mobile & Web

Visual arts, technology, and psychology have all been an integral part of my entire adult life, hence my keen interest towards UI and UX design. My first touch to the field came in 2015 through a Master's course titled 'Human-Computer Interaction Design' and I started drawing my own interface designs. Since then I've developed and mastered my skills through employment and graduate studies in HCID.

My favourite tools for design are Figma, Sketch, InVision, Photoshop and Wix.

Product Design

Graphic and Product Design

Concepts, Logos, Prints and Physical Prototypes

Before interface and technology design, I did graphic and marketing design. I created visuals for social media, a variety of print designs for posters, flyers, and tickets while being an active member as a Promoter at the English Activities Committee of my study association VIP and as a volunteer for a charity fundraiser.

I've also made logo and cover art designs for my musical pursuits and run a side-business selling designs on RedBubble.


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