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About me as a Designer

I'm a triple master in Human-Computer Interaction Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Psychology. I completed my upper secondary education at the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts and graphic design has been a prominent part of my life ever since. I kept the practice alive out of passion and since discovering the field of UX through psychology, I've put my skills to work.





Both technology and psychology have been an integral part of my entire adult life, hence my keen interest towards user experience. My first touch to the field came in 2015 through a Master's course titled 'Human-Computer Interaction Design'. Since then I've taken every opportunity to learn more about UX and apply my skills in practice.

My favourite tools for design are Figma, Sketch, InVision, Photoshop and Wix.

Desktop, mobile, web


Eficode's ROOT is a tailored product and service for DevOps facilitation. In this project, I was responsible for re-designing the related product pages for ROOT in order to better cater for existing and potential customers. I created new components and designs of the pages in Figma.

Eficode ROOT Website

Updating Design System

Creating new components for the new look.

Marketing Needs

The project started with well-defined needs from marketing side

UX/UI Design

Restructuring and facelifting the elements to better suit user needs.


Describing the process and design choices made for future reference.

Ameliate (App + Website)


I researched, designed, and developed a web-based app to provide accessible self-administered Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for individuals. My product's free version is available for consumers, while a more advanced commercial version is offered for health care professionals.

Wireframe Prototype

How would the user go through the steps? 


Could a self-administered software-based CBT solution help people?


What components of CBT could be viably implemented to an application?

Diary Study

Does the prototype help the user in their daily life?

Think Aloud

What does the user think while using the application?


What does the user think of the product?

Visual Design

Make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Private Beta

What other improvements can be made?

Public Release

... and continuous development. Nothing is ever perfect.


Blossom is an app for meeting new people when moving to a new city. It implements features to stay in touch with people you've met, to keep your relationships growing through gamification, and to explore nearby locations with new acquaintances.

Our project started by studying what improvements could be done for Tinder to accommodate for a more Human-Centred experience for expats. The project blossomed (pun intended) into Blossom, our design for a Human-Centred meet-up application.

Blossom (Mobile)

Dilemma-based Design

What dilemmas do users have to deal with and how to resolve them?


How could Tinder be more Human-Centred as an application to meet people?

Emotion Capture Research

What emotions do users go through when they use Tinder?


What is the target user's story that brings them to use our proposed application?

Cooperative Evaluation

A dialogue between the user and the researcher over the prototype.


A functioning prototype prepared for cooperative evaluation.

Final Prototype

Adjusted based on feedback.

Kalarannan Savustamo (Web)


Complete website design including on-site photography for a West Finland fish smokehouse. The smokehouse had gained significant traction among tourists both internationally and within Finland, creating a need for a website. I provided the design, the photography, content, set up hosting, secured the domain, published the website, and offered guidance to keep the site up-to-date.