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As a part of my education, I took a special interest in Business Psychology, completing courses such as Consumer Psychology, The Psychology of Economic Decision-Making, and Research-Based Business Opportunities.


I wrote my Master's thesis about social media behaviour and I have over four years of professional experience in digital marketing, from analysis to content creation and leadership.

I have a knack for figuring out how to make people use and buy products, which makes me a great fit for both marketing and user experience design.

Social Media

Content Creation


Social Media

Sameli Sivonen / Chairman - Vihreät Nuoret

I provided social media behavioural analytics and consulting in content strategy for Sameli Sivonen for his parliamentary election campaign.

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Besides my role as an Executive Producer, I managed the social media marketing strategy for the fundraising campaign of Post Coitum - a 35mm short film. As a result of our joint efforts with the Director Eino Antonio, we managed to reach our funding goal of €2000 in one month.

Eino Antonio / Film Director - Post Coitum

Channels used:




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Mash & Euroloan

I managed Mash and Euroloan's social media accounts 2017-2018. I was responsible for content, user profiling, ad targeting, analyzing results, reporting, as well as coordinating competitions and campaigns in social media. I managed marketing budgets of up to €10 000 per month.

Follower Growth
Twitter +2300
Original Content

I worked as a Social Media Analyst for Oxyme 2015-2017. My core responsibilities were sentiment analysis and translation of social media users' elaboration on the assigned client company's products. Additional responsibilities included market research.








Content Creation


Visual arts have been an essential part of my entire life. Attendance in The Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts in my youth further developed my budding skills for visual communication, which I've put to use in photography, graphic design, and visual content. I've held several positions fully or partly dedicated to creating visual marketing messages, such as a Promoter at the Psychology Students' Association (VIP), Art Director for CrossRoads Lund, and Social Media Manager at Mash.

Black and White Flower
Old Fashioned Film Camera


Filming and editing has been a passion of mine since I got my first video camera in 2004. I've made videos for clients as a freelancer and for employees as special projects. My signature method is to produce the music and editing the clips to match the tempo. I can deliver videos from scripting all the way to the post-processed product or focus on just the filming, editing, or audio design. I believe creating videos is a holistic process, which takes understanding of all elements included.


My background in writing does not only cover academic writing and reports but also SEO-focused customer-facing articles. I've written blogs and short form social media posts in my past positions at Housing Anywhere and Mash, as well as a guest writer at The Business Development School and my own blog at


"Social Hacking: The Personal Touch"

The Business Development School (2019)

"The Four Archetypes of Bad People in 'The Good Place'" (2018)

"Five Pubs to Visit in Leiden" (2015, archived)

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