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MSc. Human-Computer Interaction

MSc. Interaction Technology

MSc. Psychology

BSc. Psychology

I'm an expert in human-computer interaction and behavioural research. I have conducted research both in and out of my studies. I can execute the full life cycle of an experiment and have experience supervising research projects as well.

VR CBT Screenshot 4.png

Mood Effects and User Experience of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Virtual Reality

2021 - User Experience Research


After the development of our MVP for CBT-VR - our Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy app in Virtual Reality - I conducted user research on a medium sample to determine usability, future improvements, and the effect on mood. All the participants could successfully complete the experience and had actionable feedback for improvements. Most strikingly, the experience lowered negative moods, which was a promising development for the future of the app.

VR Mockup VR Therapy Desktop.png

Mood Effects of Immersion, Control, and Interaction in Virtual Reality Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy

2020 - Master's Thesis (MSc. HCID)

Université Paris-Saclay

University of Twente


I did my double Master's thesis on user experience of an EMDR-based VR therapy app. I redesigned the app and compared results to the original. We saw a greater decrease in unpleasant moods, suggesting that the new design was impactful in improving the users' mood


Facial Emotion Recognition Machine Learning - Can we detect anger with AI?

2019 - Affective Computing

University of Twente

We used a trained artificial intelligence algorithm that detects emotions from facial expressions to test if it could detect anger. The algorithm itself worked well and could detect emotions reasonably well, however, the methodology we used for inducing anger (an image database used for emotion research) failed to adequately induce anger in the participants.

2018 - Research Supervision


The Price of Privacy: Does Awareness Change Attitudes?

I supervised a research project for 4LifeSupport to investigate if awareness about the value of one's privacy changes attitudes towards online privacy. The research design was a between-subjects comparison in a randomised trial.

Security Camera
Social network concept

Social Media: The Correlation Between Engagement and Conversions

2018 - Report


As a Social Media Manager, I analysed the correlations between the engagements and the conversions of Facebook and Instagram posts of a company. The results showed that there was a medium-high correlation between engagement and conversions, suggesting that high engagement content was related to website conversions for the particular company.


Social Media: User Profile and Matching Content Analysis

2018 - User Profile Analysis


I created a profile for the main social media follower type of a company by analysing the demographics, interests, and behaviours through Facebook business analytics. I further investigated the type of content the followers responded well to and started producing similar content for the company. The result was an increase of more than 200% in engagement and 100% in conversions on average.

How Does the Experience of Social Power Affect the Amount of Facebook Activity?

2017 - Master's Thesis (MSc. Psychology)

Lund University

I did my Master's thesis on the impact of social power on Facebook behaviour. My hypothesis was that the experience of power would increase activity on Facebook, while powerlessness would decrease it, however, the results were inconclusive.

ColourSphere: A User-Friendly Microtonal Instrument


2016 - User Experience Research

Leiden University

Our team created a prototype for a user-friendly and fun to use microtonal instrument. The process started from product research, moving to design and two usability tests before the final prototype.

Looking the Other Way: An Experiment on App Data Privacy

Mobile Phone

2015 - User Experience Research

Leiden University

Our team created an app for an expo that gathered user permissions non-chalantly under the pretense of a fun photo app. The user data was then presented anonymously on a website to demonstrate how much data an app can extract with simple permissions. The app and the website were securely deleted after the expo.

Rejection Therapy App: Does it Work?

Sitting on the Table

2014 - Research Proposal

Lund University

The proposed research sought to investigate whether or not an app providing "rejection therapy" would work in desensitising people to rejection. The concept of rejection therapy is to encourage participants to get rejected at least once a day. The app in turn was designed to remind people people of the ongoing challenge. The experimental design would have placed a group of participants in the experimental group and another as control.

I am you and we are all together: 
The impact of an independent self-construal on self-group overlap

Performance Art

2013 - Bachelor's Thesis (BSc. Psychology)

University of Groningen

My Bachelor's Thesis investigated how an independent versus interdependent self-construal affects self-group overlap when it is moderated by self-stereotyping or self-anchoring. In a nutshell the hypothesis was: does an individual who feels independent from their group feel more as one with the group if they engage in stereotyping their group in terms of their own dispositions. We found some evidence for the mechanic for male participants.

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