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My new album 'Dark Side of Saturn' as alias Jonathan Northtribe is out now!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Listen to Dark Side of Saturn on Spotify

I normally don't post on my personal website about my artistic releases but I'm just so very excited to announce this release. To see it out there fills me with a sense of accomplishment. I've been harbouring some of these songs since 2016, some a couple of months, and some only a few weeks prior to the release. The genre ranges from Dark Synth to Hopeful Synth to Melancholic Synth to plain Dark House.

I'd love to say the album tells a coherent story - however, this is not one of those. This is simply thematically adjacent songs put together in a harmonious journey. The most important thing for the listener is the coherent flow of the songs.

The beginning is mysterious and brooding. The mid-part gets more excitable and bright. Finally, the ending dips into some dark territories before building up to the final crescendo.

I hope you enjoy what you hear!

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