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WWF Luontolive

UX Research, User Interviews, Think Aloud Observation


Web, Mobile







WWF's Luontolive is a live stream for observing wildlife in Finnish nature hosted by the World Wildlife Foundation. We researched user behaviour exhibited by Luontolive’s users to uncover what motivations, attitudes, and behaviour change was associated with using the live stream page. In addition we investigated possible user experience improvements for future versions.

We discovered that many users used Luontolive as light background entertainment and that it had changed their attitudes towards wildlife preservation in a positive way. For user experience, we discovered that adding sound to all streams was one of the most desired new features.


Research Question

What does the client want to find out? What are their predictions?

Research Design

What format does the research take?

Participant Recruitment

Recruiting a representative sample pool to cover as many demographics as possible.

Think Aloud User Interviews

How do test users experience and use the platform?

Analytics and Report

Summarising findings and presenting to the client.

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